What is Unique about White Hart Hotel?

Couple checking into a hotel.The White Hart Hotel is a place where we try to learn and put into practice the principles that make up a good hotel. Every hotel is different, but each one brings something new to the table. While it is impossible to fit everything perfect about every hotel into one, we give it our best shot. The only thing we can’t do is be in all places at once. That is why we started this blog, as a way of giving advice on what to look for when you are not in our area. There are three basic principles that you want to keep in mind when you are looking for a place to stay. We call them the three S’s: site, service, and security.

Site: This can refer to more than just location. It can refer to the environment surrounding the hotel. It can also refer to the way the place “feels.” Is it clean? Is it cramped? Basically anything about the space the hotel occupies becomes what we call site.

Flyover view of motel pool area.Service: This refers primarily to the service that the employees render to you. At a good hotel, employees are doing their job when they work efficiently and do not intrude on your time. Those at the front desk should be helpful, housekeeping should be discreet, and all employees should be readily available when you need them.

Security: When you are traveling to a hotel, you worry about your security and the security of the things you bring with you. You don’t want to sleep in an unsanitary room, and you want to make sure all your things within the room left alone. Bottom line is that you want a place you can trust.

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